An error was reported using a SQL statement

I want to update the data through SQL statements, but the version does not meet the problem. How can I solve the problem?

Hi @chen_haoning,
Could you please provide an example of the statement you are trying to execute?

edit: correction, it is in the screenshot. We will take a look.

I have created an array and added attributes. And I have imported the package:tiledb.sql.Here is an example.The last command is an error:DatabaseError: Execution failed on sql ‘update test set a=0 where a>0’: (1031, “Storage engine MyTile of the table test.test doesn’t have this option”)

import pandas
import tiledb
import tiledb.sql

d1 = tiledb.Dim(name="X", domain=(1, 2), tile=1, dtype=np.int32)
d2 = tiledb.Dim(name="Y", domain=(1, 2), tile=1, dtype=np.int32)
dom1 = tiledb.Domain(d1, d2)
a = tiledb.Attr(name="a", dtype=np.int32)
schema1 = tiledb.ArraySchema(domain=dom1, sparse=False, attrs=[a])
tiledb.Array.create("test", schema1)


with'test','w')as A:    

db = tiledb.sql.connect(db="test") 
pandas.read_sql(sql="update `test` set a=0 where a>0", con=db)