Coordinates Problem

Hi Team,

If I want to get all the columns in my matrix for the first sample, I wrote these coordinates in golang:

[1 1 1 3095693983]

(1,1) is the domain of the first row and (1,3095693983) is the domain of the columns?

My question to you guys, what if I want to get all the columns for the second row only or the third row only, what coordinates should I write according to the logic above.

to get all the columns for the second row, should I write this :

[2 2 1 3095693983]
[2 1 1 3095693983]
[1 2 1 3095693983] ==> If i did this , tiledb will access two samples , the first row and the second row together.

Please choose

It should be [2 2 1 3095693983]. The subarray in Go is given in the form of a list of pairs [low, high] (always inclusive) on each dimension, where the order of the dimensions must be the same as the one you defined upon the array creation (i.e., the same as the order you added the dimension objects to the array schema object).

Please note that your subarray seems pretty large. You should either have enough memory to hold the results, or I would suggest you take a look at “incomplete queries”.