Error while writting to Tile-db

I have been using tile-db for a couple of months without any issues. However, recently while writing to the array in multi-threaded environment, tile-db threw following error:

terminating with uncaught exception of type tiledb::TileDBError: [TileDB::IO] Error: Cannot write to file '/__5a88ff357b2e4f84a1e93579e7a93de1_1561136519283/my_attribute.tdb'; Cannot write to file; File writing error

It does not show any call-stack or does not let me know what could had caused it. How do I debug this?

Actually this is my bad. The issue here was that my host machine ran out of space.

@TileDbUser can you add an issue to the TileDB repo with the above error message and the exact cause ? That might enable us to investigate and possibly give a better error message here with more context (instead of a generic file writing error).