Failed opening a tileDB array on MAC when the array was created by a Windows machine

Hi. I created a tileDB array using a Windows machine and put the array on a network drive. Then I tried to open that tileDB array on a MAC machine, but it failed. The MAC has access to the network files.
Here is the code I use to open the array:

array_uri = "/path/to/tileDB/folder/"
a =, mode="r")

Here is the error I get:

TileDBError                               Traceback (most recent call last)
Cell In[3], line 5
      3 array_uri = "/path/to/tileDB/folder/"
----> 5 a =, mode="r")
      6 a.nonempty_domain()

File ~/lib/python3.11/site-packages/tiledb/, in open(uri, mode, key, attr, config, timestamp, ctx)
      8 def open(uri, mode="r", key=None, attr=None, config=None, timestamp=None, ctx=None):
      9     """
     10     Open a TileDB array at the given URI
     20     :return: open TileDB {Sparse,Dense}Array object
     21     """
---> 22     return tiledb.Array.load_typed(
     23         uri,
     24         mode=mode,
     25         key=key,
     26         timestamp=timestamp,
     27         attr=attr,
     28         ctx=_get_ctx(ctx, config),
     29     )

File tiledb/libtiledb.pyx:1001, in tiledb.libtiledb.Array.load_typed()

File tiledb/libtiledb.pyx:824, in tiledb.libtiledb.preload_array()

File tiledb/libtiledb.pyx:350, in tiledb.libtiledb._raise_ctx_err()

File tiledb/libtiledb.pyx:335, in tiledb.libtiledb._raise_tiledb_error()

TileDBError: [TileDB::Array] Error: Caught std::exception: [TileDB::IO] Error: Cannot get file size of '/path/to/tileDB/folder/__schema/__1711740160289_1711740160289_3c9ac4ccfc43477581efb5b98be0fcd4'; No such file or directory

When I look at the contents of the __schema folder, I see the file __1711740160289_1711740160289_3c9ac4ccfc43477581efb5b98be0fcd4 exists and has non-zero size.

Note: I am able to open the array on Windows machine and the array contents are correct.

Update: The issue resolved. I re-mapped the network drive on the Windows machine and the issue resolved. I am not sure if/how the re-mapping of the drive helped, and if any permission was changed.

@eneg Glad to hear that – the files created should indeed be portable across systems provided binary copies are made.

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