Groups api vs documentaions

The docs here:

shows that groups have a different structure then what is shows here:

The latter only creates one file: __tiledb_group.tdb

Can I create groups as in the first examples? With pointers to other locations ?

Hi @royassis,

Thanks for pointing this out - I’ve updated the second with further information and a reference to the first.


Hey @ihnorton

Can supply a python example for a group that references array in another location ?

Hi @royassis, sure, here’s an example which (1) creates an array in a temp directory, and (2) references that array from a group created in the current directory:

import tiledb, numpy as np
import tempfile, os

g_uri = "group1"
a_uri = os.path.join(tempfile.mkdtemp(), "array1")

print("creating array at URI: ", a_uri)
tiledb.from_numpy(a_uri, np.random.rand(4,2))

with tiledb.Group(g_uri, "w") as g:

with tiledb.Group(g_uri) as g:
    for a in g:
        print("group member uri is: ", a.uri)

Hope that helps,