Quickly determine number of rows in your database

I suspect there’s an obvious answer for this, but is there a quick way to obtain the number of rows in your database?



Hi @Scott_Syms

We just started to add the ability run aggregates, including ‘Count’ in the most recent 2.18.* release series. The example file for the C++ API should give you a good introductory example including ‘Sum’ and ‘Count’.

The ability is also being wrapped by the API packages so from R you can say (in the version in the repo)

> uri <- "/tmp/tiledb/penguins"
> arr <- tiledb_array(uri)
> tiledb_array_apply_aggregate(arr, "year", "Count", FALSE)
[1] 344     # correct number of observations in the 'penguins' dataset

Similar examples should work from the other APIs.

Feel free to chat to us in our slack or schedule a call to learn more.

Regards, Dirk

Thank you, @Dirk_Eddelbuettel