Tiledb CLI tool

Looking for commandline tool that allows user to quickly inspect the data schema or content of an existing tiledb array. Similar to h5ls/h5stat

Hi Mike,

I am not aware of anything existing but one can wrap the existing packages for Python or R. Here is a really simple three-liner, it could use an command-line option to switch from sparse to dense etc pp.

#!/usr/bin/env Rscript

args <- commandArgs(trailingOnly=TRUE)
if (length(args) == 0) stop("Need URIs of Arrays", call.=FALSE)
for (uri in args) print(tiledb::schema(tiledb::tiledb_sparse(uri)))

Hth, Dirk


And of course the moment I hit send I remember that the main TileDB repo has just that in tools/. Have a look at that.


Array schema docs

Awesome!Will look at it.