Unit tests passing?

Are all unit tests currently expected to pass?

I checked out the current dev HEAD (commit 60ffcd4) and built it on Ubuntu 16.04 / gcc 5.4.

The output of “make check” includes the following:

1: test cases:   62 |   47 passed | 15 failed
1: assertions: 1996 | 1969 passed | 27 failed
1/1 Test #1: tiledb_unit ......................***Failed    0.18 sec

I have not been building the latest dev branch every day, but I don’t think the unit-tests should ever have failed on dev. Do you still have this error (I merged a PR this morning)?

I’m no longer getting the error, so I think it’s moot. But it’s helpful to know that I should normally expect them all to pass, thanks.

You can also always view the state of unit tests on our Travis builds for the dev branch here: https://travis-ci.org/TileDB-Inc/TileDB/branches

Note that sometimes the tests will fail on Travis for a couple of known reasons: occasionally the clang-format package will fail to download, or a test will hang (a known defect) causing the build to time out.