Announcing Tilesegy

Hi all,

not sure if it’s ok to post announcements of software using TileDB here; if not feel free to delete this.

I just published tilesegy, a small Python library for accessing seismic data with a segyio-like API and TileDB as a storage backend. It’s pretty early stage at this point; it provides only read access and without any time spent on benchmarking/profiling/performance tuning it yet. If any forum members work with SEG-Y and/or Seismic Unix files, it would be great if you could give it a try and let me know of any feedback, either here or on Github.


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@gsakkis Thank you for letting us know of your work with TileDB. This looks great, I was able to install the code and run it. If you need help with benchmarking please ask in this forum and we will assist.

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@gsakkis thank you for using TileDB! Would you be ok if we tweeted about it with our @tiledb handle? We are always super supportive of packages using TileDB – small or big. Cheers

@Norman_Barker thanks for trying it out! I will let you know should I need help with benchmarking or anything else.

@stavros absolutely, feel free to tweet about it and thanks for TileDB, it’s been great working with it so far!

@gsakkis, FYI:

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Awesome, many thanks!