Wondering about Tile-db Clientele

I am looking into Tile-db to store our genomics data here at Illumina and so far it is looking good. Just that it being a new solution, we are a little conservative about if this project is going to continue to be well-maintained in the future as oppose to something like HDF5 which has existed for decades.

I tried to search data about who (which organizations) are actively using it and how well funded this project is and I was not able to find a “Clients” list on your website.

Is there any data like this that you guys can share on your website? If so, it would really be helpful.

We are working with customers under NDAs, so we cannot disclose them at the moment (but we will soon). We also recently announced a $4M seed funding, and built a strong engineering team to develop/maintain our open-source TileDB storage engine, as well as a soon-to-be-announced product. We plan to stick around and continue to grow for a while :). We’d be very happy to jump on a phone call and learn more about your use case and the ways we can be helpful.

@TileDbUser on the open source side that we can freely disclose, I wanted to also mention that the Mars computation framework from Alibaba has independently integrated TileDB as a storage backend (and has provided some excellent feedback/bug reports to us since then).

We have also worked with several widely-used projects to upstream support for TileDB as a storage format:

@stavros Thank you so much for your info. We are currently in F& P phase with Tile-db and we would definitely like to engage our selves to see how we can integrate Tile-db better into our eco-system. Currently, one gripe that we have is that tile-db is does not have out of the box C# library. We are working with c++ and it seems to do the job with some work arounds.

If it is not too bad, a C# library would definitely be a good add-on

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@ihnorton Thank you. This is really encouraging.

We just open sourced the pre-release for C# wrapper of TileDB. You can check it out at GitHub - TileDB-Inc/TileDB-CSharp: CSharp API for TileDB. If you have any questions about it, please let us know.