Cant connect to tiledb in Docker

I have built tiledb and have it running in Docker.
I can see it in Docker Desktop and the port is 5000.

But if I try to use a python script to connect to it, I get this error:
$ python
TileDB error occurred: [TileDB::Array] Error: [TileDB::REST] Error: Cannot set curl auth; either token or username/password must be set.

How do I set any type of user auth? I did not set anything in the docker file or commands that I am aware of.

Hi @Tim_Turner,

Using the TileDB::REST backend for tiledb:// URIs requires a TileDB Cloud account – please see sign up and quickstart instructions here: Start Here! | TileDB Cloud Docs

You can also use TileDB on your local filesystem or with several other supported backends – please see install and other introductory tutorials in our docs here: Installation | TileDB Embedded Docs

Happy to help if you have further questions.

If I use it in my local file system, do I still use docker? If so I can’t get python scripts to connect.

For local use, there is nothing to connect to – you can read and write arrays to/from a local path. I would suggest to take a look at the TileDB-Py examples, such as the dense quickstart.