GDAL/Rasterio examples from docs not working


we are considering utilizing TileDB to store a stack of EO data. After facing some troubles with the TDB and GDAL we built ourselves, I tried replicating the examples from the docs (e.g.

I use the exact docker file and convert the provided TIF file from GeoTIFF into TDB. The conversion itself doesn’t yet yield an error (though when analogously done with rasterio, warnings are already provided about COMPRESSION, INTERLEAVE etc.).

Yet, gdalinfo shows that the produced (TileDB) file is 512, 512 in size and lacks any geo-information. Moreover, gdallocationinfo produces

  Location: (10P,10L)
  Band 1:
ERROR 1: test.tdb, band 1: Invalid data type
ERROR 1: GetBlockRef failed at X block offset 0, Y block offset 0: test.tdb, band 1: Invalid data type

The website states that the output should be identical to that of the TIF file, which is reasonable; the TIF file produces the output as intended.

The GDAL-version here was 3.1.0; in the provided Docker as well as with the self-built.

Also, potentially some overlap with: Trouble with Rasterio ingestion ?

Thank you in advance

@ron Thank you for your detailed message, I was able to recreate the issue you were seeing with the test image on s3 but not when testing a local file with the previous docker image.

In the tiledb-geospatial docker image we were using a GDAL 3.1 release candidate, I updated the docker image to the 3.1.1 GDAL release and have tested that this works with both local and cloud storage. This is image (tiledb/tiledb-geospatial:1.7.0) is now available for you to try.

Storing a stack of images in TileDB is a great use for TileDB. Let us know how if we can help further.