Geospatial Workflow Question

Hello all,

I have a set of vector geometries representing land management conditions over the Western U.S. and I need to transform these vector layers into a multidimensional raster for further analysis. I would love to have a workflow in general where I can build and persist 3-dimensional raster stacks as dense arrays in TileDB and load them later for analysis and visualization. From the documentation, I’m not immediately seeing how rasters might be saved with their associated geospatial context, allowing for the raster to be georegistered properly on a map. Could someone clarify if there’s a logical workflow that goes from vector layers → raster layers as dense multidimensional array → TileDB → in-memory analysis → geovisualization. I’ve seen references online to tighter TileDB <–> xarray integration so I assume that is an important piece in this hypothetical chain. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! I would love to embrace TileDB if it’s the right fit for this type of geospatial data science!