Google Cloud Storage

Any idea when to expect this?

Context: I’m looking to move a process that does DEM processing over to Google Cloud Functions. Storing the DEM in TileDB sounds like a really great idea :smile:

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Hi there, thanks for reaching out! This is in our TODO list. We are aiming for early 2019.

:+1: to this. We would really need GCS support in order to try out tiledb in Pangeo.

Untested, but Google provides S3 API compatibility so the following may work just through setting the the vfs.s3.endpoint, vfs.s3.region configs: (simple migration).

I tested this, and it does work for read/list/etc. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for writes because we use the multi-part upload API, which GCS S3 emulation does not support.

Hi @tino, @rabernat, we’ve added experimental support for GCS by providing a configuration mode that disables the S3 multi-part upload API and uses a single PUT instead:

This requires using the bucket in S3 compatibility mode.

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