How to install tiledb-sql-py

I can’t install with tiledb-sql-py. no conda ,no pip,no docker. Embedded SQL - TileDB Embedded Docs

Hello @chen_haoning! We provide a docker image and conda packages for installing the TileDB-SQL-Py package.

For example, with conda you can install with:

conda install -c conda-forge libtiledb-sql-py

Did you have an error installing it this way?

Sorry, sir! An error occurs when I type the command. Could you help me?

@chen_haoning thank you for posting the error. The issue here is we do not currently offer a the embedded SQL package prebuilt on windows. We only provide OSX and Linux packages in conda and the linux docker image. Supporting windows for this package is on our roadmap.

If you can share a little bit about your use case and what you are looking to do I might be able to provide you with an alternative, such as using our hosted jupyter notebooks in TileDB Cloud where we have the embedded sql pre-installed, or using our serverless sql capabilities of TileDB Cloud.