Python interface for V2


I’m keen to test the new dataframe features of TileDB v2 using Python. Is there an ETA yet for an updated Python interface yet?



Hi @nickholway,

Support will be merged to dev shortly, and we will have binaries posted later today.


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Great, thank you for the update.

Thanks! Is there a conda wheel for V2?

@AyrtonB Yes we have a conda package for TileDB 2.0.

Python is available. You can install it with conda install -c conda-forge tiledb-py . Version 0.6.0 or newer is for TileDB 2.0.

We also have an R package, and our embedded sql.

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s the command I used but my version is v0.6.0, how do you specify V2?

Python v0.6.0 version is for TileDB 2.0. If you do a conda list you’ll see the core tiledb package listed at v2.0.0 (or v2.0.1).

You should have all the feature of TileDB 2.0 available to you. Please let us know if you have any issues.

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Ah that makes a lot of sense. Thank you, yes can confirm I’ve got v2.0.0 for core tiledb