Name conflict running quickstart examples

I followed the instructions in and found that running quickstart_* example programs ran into namespace conflicts due to the array_names of each example being the same as the executable itself.

Here is an example of this:
tiledb@fd0e9fa1e990:~/examples/cpp_api$ ./quickstart_sparse
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘tiledb::TileDBError’
what(): [TileDB::IO] Error: Cannot create directory ‘/home/tiledb/examples/cpp_api/quickstart_sparse’; File exists

Of course the easy way around this is either to run from a different directory than the executable’s location or rename the array_name in the examples.

I was curious though if this is just an oversight in the instructions or if there was some setting to have the array directories be stored in a different location than cwd?


Hi Terry,

This is just an oversight on our part – thanks for reporting it! I’ve opened an issue for the next patch release here: