Quickly get dimension Mapping for sparse array

What’s the most efficient way to get a dimension mapping of the sparse array i.e. the dot product of the non_empty_domains?

Context: I have a 3 dimensional array, where dimensions are called idx, dataset_name, idx_name. idx is unique, as is idx_name. dataset_name is repeated. There are multiple attributes stored in this array which I want to avoid querying.

I’m trying the following:

array = tiledb.open(uri, "r")
results = array.query(dims=(idx, idx_name))[:]

But am getting all the attributes returned. How do I avoid querying the attributes? attrs=None won’t work here

Figured it out, solution below:

results = array.query(dims=(idx, idx_name), attrs=())[:]

Good to hear that you found a solution, thanks for the update.