Options for geospatial visualizations


We are trying to evaluate tileDB for a geospatial application that definitely needs visualization capabilities on maps. Are there any options for using visualization tools without have to move or export the data to other formats or applications?


Hi @pradhangn

There are several approaches to visualizing geospatial data directly from TileDB without having to export the data.

You can use the TileDB format driver within GDAL with tools such as MapServer and others to create beautiful maps, or by using Python and Rasterio. We also have plans to integrate with Datashader and other tools.

Within a Jupyter notebook such those provided within TileDB Cloud you can visualize the geospatial data using matplotlib.

In all of the options above, TileDB provides the necessary metadata you need to put the data in the right place on the map.

Are you interested in a quick call to discuss this further?


Hi Norman,

Thanks for getting back to me.

There are 2 user personas / workflows that we feel are important:

  1. Data science: user runs various code on data in tileDB (usually via Jupyter notebooks or python scripts) and then wants to visualize data - This is what the current options help with
  2. Collaboration: Expert users create outputs / visualizations -> Other users may simply need to view or make simple slices and dices - Is there an option that supports collaborative use of visualizations (using oauth type login) and allows for basic visualizations without coding?

What I am saying is there is a need for a Tableau / PowerBI / Apache Superset type application focused on geospatial use cases. I am not saying its tileDB’s responsibility to do that but it will really give a boost to the use cases for tileDB.


@pradhangn Thank you for your descriptions of the personas. We are actively working on the collaboration workflow you are describing and welcome your input. We expect to have beta support for this workflow shortly.

Hi All,

I was wondering if it’s possible to integrate TileDB with a Leaflet map? One thought I’ve had is to try and put up an API for a Tile Map Service with TileDB in the backend. Any input would be much appreciated.


Hi @Jake,

It is possible to integrate TileDB with a Leaflet map. You can do this directly with https://github.com/TileDB-Inc/TileDB-Cloud-JS. Alternatively if you wish to use existing Tile Map Services you can use the TileDB driver within GDAL and use MapServer or other map services.