Meerkat + TileDB

I’m curious if there is some synergy with TileDB as a backend for Meerkat: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Hi Rajiv,

[Short Answer] Currently there is no synergy of TileDB with Meerkat project
[Longer Answer] To be honest I haven’t heard about this project before and I think it makes sense since it is quite young. Giving a quick look to their blogpost I think that all the desiderata are currently supported with TileDB as a storage format and hence TileDB-ML integrations though.

Thank you for putting it in our radar. We will take a closer look and be back soon.

Hi @ktsitsi

Thanks for your quick reply. I just thought it was an interesting abstraction. yeah, it’s very new so there may be no business need for TileDB to look into it right now. I’m just playing with it too.

Hi RAbraham, I hadn’t heard of Meerkat either – looks interesting. From what I can tell, they are mainly using NumPy to write arrays to disk, and in some cases using library-specific serialization eg spaCy. It could be interesting to try TileDB as a backend. If this is useful to you, and you are interested in starting a conversation or implementation over there, we are happy to help with any questions – feel free to ping @-ihnorton @-shelnutt2 @-ktsitsi. Thanks for pointing this out!

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