Update / change the range of a dimension after array creation

I was wondering if there is a way to increase the range of a dimension once an array has been created. For example, if I have a “timestamp” dimension of type datetime64, and when I created the array the range of the dimension was (2019-09-01, 2020-01-01), is there a way to update the upper bound to be 2024-01-01 implying that the array contains data from september of 2019 to January of 2024?

Hi @Dave_L,

increase the range of a dimension once an array has been created

No, this is not supported (yet). For row counts or dates, it is often useful to specify a larger range than the current working set, sometimes even the min/max value of the data type. TileDB will only store data in regions that are actually written; adding data in unwritten ranges with subsequent writes will expand the “nonempty domain” of the array.

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Thank you @ihnorton for the reply. I am re-creating the array. Does the from_pandas method give me the option to specify a range for the columns I assign in the index_dims argument?

EDIT: NVM! the API reference gives details on the arguments to this function and looks like the full_domain arg should take care of this.

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